International Standard Certifications

Our Policy on Quality

We, as an entity, believe that quality is dictated in the way processes are handled. This is why you’ll always see our team striving to improve workmanship all the time. We do this to ensure our customers are able to get what they’re looking for and get a lot of value in doing so.

We are fully committed to delivering care and quality and this is well reflected in our manufacturing processes. To further reiterate our commitment to excellence, we are certified with accredited agencies of the solar industry.

Quality Control & Assurance

We have a strict quality control procedure in place in our company. Calibration of all our cells is done by ISE Fraunhofer, Germany. We strive to meet the highest international standards whilst developing our PV modules and PV cells. Whilst we are at this; we adhere to the guidelines and specifications laid down by the IEC.

We employ a vigorous quality program to meet our quality standards and this is achieved through…

Quality Control for incoming materials

We make sure to use only high-quality and tested raw materials before they’re subjected to various manufacturing processes. For this purpose, we have got into exclusive supply chain agreements. When we receive raw materials from vendors, we send the random samples to QC laboratories as well as third-party testing centers to ensure their quality is on par with the industry standards.

In-line quality control processes

We have a 100% in-line inspection process through which all our cells and panels have to go through. This is done to ensure all our products meet the quality standards. In line with this, we have incorporated our machinery with various parameters for production control for each stage so that the processes are streamlined and quality is assured.

Quality assurance in the post-production stage

We have got the best-in-class equipment at the disposal of our QA team to ensure they’re able to check and maintain quality standards we usually set.

Testing, EL measurement, and Sorting

To ensure that all the modules and cells dispatched from our units are of fine quality, they’re subjected to testing and sorting processes from our QA team. A suitable environmental condition is created in which cells produced by us are subjected to various situations that are in line with the standards set by international accredited agencies. Also, to ensure that our testing procedures are transparent and accurate, our testing units are incorporated with AAA flashlight sun simulators.

The metrics associated with panels and cells are noted down in the form of IV characteristics. These metrics are strictly monitored to ensure the modules and PV cells perform to their ability and are durable.